We have compiled this handy list of terminology often used when referring to Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping.  We hope it helps you and if you have any further questions or need advice, please contact us.


Battery – This is the long piece of the electronic cigarette which when charged will have enough power to heat the element within the clearomiser/glassomiser allowing the creation of vapour to commence.


Clearomiser – This is a refillable container for the liquid nicotine and is usually disposable after approximately four weeks. It contains an internal element and vapour device. A clearomiser also has measurement lines to guide you while refilling it with nicotine liquid. It is compatible with a larger battery than the standard electronic cigarette battery.


Coil – This is the atomiser’s/vapour device’s heating element.


Drip tip – This is an accessory used with a cartomiser due to its larger opening it allows the user to drip the nicotine liquid directly onto the vapour device.


Dripping – This is the term used for when a few drops of nicotine liquid are placed on to the bridge before you start using your electronic cigarette. This helps create the best vapour release and taste. It also helps to prevent the vapour device from drying out.


E-Cigarette/smokeless cigarette: This is the common name for the device used to heat up nicotine liquid so as to turn it into vapour or inhalation.


ECF: Electronic Cigarette Forum. This is a place where people from the vaping community(e-cigarette users) and those new to vaping can gain information about electronic cigarettes and any relevant products. It is a good place to conduct research. Please use the link provided


E-Liquid – Also known as nicotine liquid, E-Juice, Juice, Smoke Juice or in some case Oil (which it does not contain). This is the liquid required to create a vapour from any electronic cigarette. It contains nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycol along with a flavour. In some cases it may contain both propylene glycol and vegetable glycol.


eGO - This is a new category of e cig that would be the same size as a king size. Many people feel the eGo is far superior to the vast majority of those currently available.


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Although some products are FDA approved the FDA has no jurisdiction in Europe.


Flooding – Oversaturation. This may occur when too much nicotine liquid has been applied to the vapour device. Vapour devices require some airflow to work correctly, adding too much liquid will decrease the airflow. This will lead to a drop in vapour production or it may cease completely.


Foam/Sponge – This is the absorbent material within a capsule/cartomiser which contains a prefilled amount of e-liquid. It allows users to refill empty capsules many times as it will not lose its absorbency. Cartomisers unfortunately cannot be refilled.


Glassomiser –  These are a higher end version of a clearomiser as the tank that is used to hold the e-liquid is made from glass.  All Glassomisers can be dismantled and cleaned under warm water as long as the heating coil is removed and that they are thouroughly dried.


Head – This is the piece found in clearomisers / glassomisers that houses the heating coil.


Juice – This is another name for nicotine liquid or e-liquid.


Leaking/Seeping – This may also occur when too much nicotine liquid has been applied to the vapour device.  It can also happen if too much has been added to the capsules as the liquid will leak out from the heating element and spill over into the battery. This may cause damage to the electronic cigarette. Also some capsules may leak if the vapour device is over saturated and or the battery does not have enough power to heat the vapour device.


Manual – This is the term used for a battery which has a button that requires pressing prior to the use of the electronic cigarette. The pressing of the button will start the process of heating up the element.


Milligrams(mg) -  This is measurement for the amount of nicotine found in an e-liquid.


Oil – Word often used to describe e-liquid which doesn’t actually have any oil content.


Propylene Glycol (PG) – It is one of the main ingredients in some e-liquids which the e-cigarette heats to create the vapour for inhaling.  Propylene Glycol has been a primary ingredient in medical inhalers for many years. Some people have had allergic reactions to it and choose to use e-liquids containing Vegetable Glycol instead.  PG produces less vapour than Vegetable Glycol but gives you more flavour and throat hit.


Smoking cessation /quit smoking – Electronic Cigarettes are not recognised as a smoking cessation aid.


Starter Kit – This contains the all of the basic equipment required to begin using e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking ie Vaping.


Throat hit – This is the sensation you get at the back of your throat as you inhale vapour which contains nicotine. The lower the percentage of nicotine an e-liquid contains the throat hit sensation will be weaker. Therefore when an e-liquid containing zero nicotine is used to create a vapour no throat hit will be experienced.


Usb Charger – This is mostly referred to as a charger. The battery screws into this at one end and you place the other end into the usb port on a laptop/computer or any device with an usb port.


Vaping – This is the term used in relation to the action of using an e-cigarette.  As only vapour and no smoke is produced it is referred to as “Vaping”.


Vapour Device – Is also known as an atomiser or vapouriser.  This is the metal part that heats the nicotine liquid to create a vapour. 


Vegetable Glycerol/Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – An alternative main ingredient to Propylene Glycerol found in e-liquids which the e-cigarette heats to create the vapour for inhaling.


VG creates more vapour than Propylene Glycerol but gives you slightly less throat hit.